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Reformer Pilates classes are limited to how many Reformers are available per class. Signing up now means you'll already have your pass ready and will be able to book any one of our Introductory Classes.


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Get to know us (and us YOU!) with this Introductory Class pass. Experience an instructor-led group Pilates class on Pilates Reformers. Click below, set your password, download our my PIlatesSTRONG app and choose one (1) of our Intro Classes* from the calendar. Minimum age 18 or 16 with parent/guardian.** Limit one (1) per person.


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* three (3) week expiration from date of purchase

**Minors 17 years or younger must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian

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Kristin S

Beautiful space with plenty of room.The instructors are wonderful, and explain the exercises very well (I'm new to the reformer) I appreciate that they are always checking for proper body alignment and finding a way to challenge your fitness in a safe way or explaining how to make it easier if needed. It's an amazing whole body workout that look forward too.

Melissa A

I have been doing pilates for years, and myPilatesStrong has NOT disappointed!! The studio is beautiful, clean, and so welcoming! So far the classes I have taken have been wonderful experiences, with extremely knowledgeable instructors who are able to modify/accommodate needs and challenges in a positive and encouraging manner - A personable instructor will make all the difference!! And the customer service from the owner, Evelyn, is above and beyond! I am really looking forward to all that is to come from this studio - LOVE IT!

Kelly H

As I start out my Pilates adventure I could not ask for a better spot to learn the Pilates reformer and become a Pilates expert. The owner and instructors are amazing! The location and space is great! Really excited about My PilatesStrong!

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