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Horseback Riding

Pilates for the Equestrian

Create a deeper seat and an ideal riding partnership with your horse.​​
  • Frustrated that your horse won’t respond properly to your commands?

  • Having trouble keeping a stable seat?

  • Feeling unusually sore and tired after a ride?

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Imbalances develop over time, based on physiology, posture and lifestyle. How you move when not riding – other types of exercise, the amount (and quality) of sitting you do at work, etc. – directly affects how you function on a horse. Resulting asymmetries greatly affect movement and alignment, resulting in impediments like:-

  • Rounded shoulders

  • Tightness and curving in the lower back

  • Tight hamstrings

Why Pilates?

Pilates exercises increase your body awareness, and improve flexibility, balance, and strength in order to facilitate an optimal riding experience.


Pilates helps equestrians:-

  • Lengthen the spine and strengthen the core, which stabilizes the body in movement

  • Sculpt a stronger body with increased flexibility, strength, and balance

  • Create a deeper seat and enhance the suppleness of the lower back

  • Strengthen the abdominals

  • Increase hip independence

  • Increase leg and body length

Performance Benefits


With a strong core and increased flexibility, riders can:-

  • Freely and gently move arms and legs around a stable base

  • Help clarify aids and hold jumping form

  • Avoid collapsing and bouncing in the saddle

  • Better absorb a horse’s movement

  • Improve posture to help you deepen your seat

  • Increase comfort during and after your ride

  • Maintain neutral pelvis so you can easily follow your horse’s movements

  • Develop a trusting riding relationship, where your horse responds to your commands and is confident in your ability

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